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Spring is Here!

After a cold and windy winter we're all looking forward to a little warmth, including our plants! If you've been wondering why your plants haven't been popping out many new leaves lately, or why it may be looking a little sad, then spring marks the beginning of better days for you.  In the cooler winter months, our indoor plants may enter a more dormant phase, reducing their growth rate and possibly even looking a little sad. Soil takes longer to dry out between waterings, and it's easy to overwater your plants without realising. Overwatering can also lead to common pests such as Fungus Gnats, which love damp soil and old forgotten leaves (More on how to deal with Fungus Gnats here).  Now that it's...

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The Dreaded Fungus Gnat

Fungus Gnats. Tiny pests which have been the bane of every indoor-plant owner at some point in their gardening lives. If you're yet to experience them, kudos to you! They're tiny flying insects which look slightly similar to but quite a lot smaller than a fruit fly and breed in the top layer of soil in your house plants. The larvae can be particularly annoying as they eat your plant's tiny new roots. These pesky gnats are difficult to get rid of, and the best cure is prevention.  Fungus Gnat Life Cycle In order to cure an infestation, it's important to understand the lifecycle of the gnat.  Eggs can be killed by saturating the soil in a diluted hydrogen peroxide mixture, larva can be found...

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